Vascular Club International

The need to improve expertise in endovascular treatment is recognized across the range of involved disciplines. While both live cases and simulator technology are important educational tools in this endeavor, the alternative of receorded video cases presented within a didactic conference setting has a number of distinct educational advantages. For example, recorded live cases allow viewing and discussing the step-by-step challenges of a given interventional procedure in a controlled fashion. Recorded live cases further facilitate a better appreciation for and understanding of the real-life difficulties associated with cases than do simulators.

Didactically prepared recorded live cases are ideal in terms of maximizing the potential for interaction between faculty and participants. In particular, they offer a unique opportunity to address individual questions arising from viewing of a particular case. In short, they are an excellent educational tool and are intended to attract not only experienced physicians but also interested colleagues from all vascular fields who would like to initiate a peripheral programme.

Vascular Club International is a two day educational video course which will be held in English and is venue independent.